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General Information

  • Digital images and photocopies of Special Collections materials are provided only for private study, scholarship, and research.
  • Special Collections own the physical items in our collections; we usually do not hold the copyright to the works themselves.
  • By providing copies of items, Special Collections does not transfer copyright.
  • If you wish to publish or display copies of materials that are still under copyright, you also must obtain permission from the current copyright holder.
  • You have full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws if you choose to publish or display copies of any of our materials.
  • To find current copyright holders, start with the WATCH (Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders) file web site, maintained jointly by the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Reading Library, Reading, England.

If Special Collections materials are to be published, mounted, displayed, or broadcast, you must use the proper citation.  Please see Citing Special Collections Materials.

Request Digital Scans

Special Collections currently publishes digital images of materials in our collection in the University of Houston Digital Library. We publish more collections each semester, so check back often. We also produce images by request of those materials not currently available in the Digital Library. 

Request Materials Not Currently Available in the Digital Library

  • Special Collections will deliver up to 10 digital images of items in Special Collections at no charge as long as physical condition of items, current copyright law, and the library's agreements with donors allow.
  • Images are delivered as 300 dpi JPEG unless special arrangements are made in advance.  
  • Special Collections provides color corrected images, but does not retouch or correct flaws in the original item. 
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. NO RUSH ORDERS!
  • Once you have identified the image(s) you would like:
    • If you are requesting images from a book, note the book title and call number. If you are requesting images from an archival collection, note the collection name and the box and folder number. 
    • Please fill out a User Registration Form and a Digital Reproduction Form, being sure to sign the former by hand. 
    • Email all forms to Gregory Yerke at or fax them to (713) 743-9893.   
  • If you intend to publish or display copies of materials, either in print or electronically, please also submit an Intent to Publish Form.
  • If you have questions about requesting scans, contact Gregory Yerke via email or by calling 713-743-9752.

Request High Resolution Digital Images from the Digital Library

  • Unless otherwise indicated, images in the UH Digital Library are in the public domain and can be downloaded for use from the site.  Any user can obtain low resolution images by saving the image to the Digital Library folder and clicking the "Low-Resolution Download" button.  These images are appropriate for most online use and presentations.   
  • To request high resolution digital images, you may request them using the Digital Library Folder System. When viewing the image in the Digital Library, click the Request High Resolution Image button to add the image to your Digital Library Folder.  When you have completed adding images, navigate to your folder and click the "Request High-Resolution Images" button at the bottom of the page to submit your request(s).

Request Photocopies or PDFs

  • We can provide photocopies or PDFs as long as physical condition of item, current copyright law, and library's agreement with donor allow.
  • We reserve the right to limit number of photocopies or PDFs requested. We will copy no more than 15% of the materials from a single archival collection or book.
  • We will complete copy requests in order received, based on staff availability, then send copies to you.
  • Photocopies will be sent via postal mail, and PDFs will be send via email or (for large orders) through a file-sharing services such as Dropbox.
  • If you request no more than 250 copies or PDFs, there will be no charge. Once you reach 251, you will be charged $50.00 automatically for the previous copies, and 10 cents for each additional copy or PDF.
  • If requesting copies of manuscript or archival material, please fill out our User Registration Form. Complete the front page and sign by hand at the bottom.
  • Please email the form to Gregory Yerke at or fax it to (713) 743-9893. Please include a list of the copies that you are requesting.
  • If you intend to publish or display copies of materials, either in print or electronically, please also submit an Intent to Publish Form.
  • If you have questions about requesting photocopies or PDFs, contact Gregory Yerke via email or by calling 713-743-9752.

Need Help?

  • If you need assistance identifying the image(s) that you would like or if you have questions regarding the copyright status of any materials, please contact the appropriate librarian for that topic:
Collection Area Contact
Architecture & Planning Stephen James
Carey C. Shuart Women's Archive and Research Collection Vince Lee
Contemporary Literature Christian Kelleher
Hispanic Collections Lisa Cruces
Houston & Texas History Vince Lee
Houston Hip Hop Julie Grob
Houston History Archives Terry Tomkins-Walsh
Mehra Collection Mary Manning
Performing & Visual Arts Mary Manning
Rare Books Julie Grob
University Archives Mary Manning
USS Houston & Military History Christian Kelleher