Citing Special Collections Materials

Citations for archival materials quoted or referred to should include complete and accurate information. Patrons using these Special Collections materials are required to fill out and sign our Patron Registration Form. By signing this form, patrons agree to abide by its guidelines.

Publication. Special Collections owns the physical items in our collections; we do not usually hold the copyright to the works themselves. By providing copies of items, Special Collections does not transfer copyright. If you wish to publish or display copies of materials that are still under copyright, you also must obtain permission from the copyright holder. If you have any questions about particular materials, please contact the collection curator.

  • If Special Collections materials are to be published, mounted, displayed, or broadcast, citations should follow this format: [Item identification, name of collection], Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

For bibliographies, archival collections should be alphabetized in a separate section from individual published sources.

If you use Special Collections materials for publication or other similar use, please fill out our Intent to Publish form.