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CASE 1, 1st FLOOR, item 1

Alonso S. Perales
Rio Grande City, Texas
June 29, 1927

Data for the press:

My projects for the immediate future.

I intent to dedicate myself to exercising my profession in the lower valley of the Rio Grande and have my law offices established in McAllen and Rio Grande City by July 15 of the current year at the latest.

I also intend to sustain some conferences pro-race in time not distant, at the same time take the preliminary steps for the formation, in the Valley first and then in other populations of Texas, of a strong entity of American citizens of Mexican origin whose exclusive objective would be sincerely labor in pro of the improvement of the intellectual, economic, social and political of the Mexican Americans in general. The success of said organization will essentially depend on the type of leaders that will lead them. Therefore, these leaders will have to reunite the following qualities: they must be honorable, active, brave and intelligent. They must be honorable so that they will not fool or exploit our unhappy race in Texas; they must be active so that our general progress will be fast; they must be brave so that they will not fear asking for justice when their rights as citizens in the united states of America have been violated; and they must be intelligent so that better govern our destinations as citizens and as a race.

I have the firm conviction that our race counts in Texas with a great number of leaders that unite those qualities and the day is not far in which the organization of the Mexican Americans will be a fact; and, given that this organization will be founded over a solid base, their pro-race activities in Texas will be crowned for a complete success.

CASE 1, 1st FLOOR, item 2

Wedding Invitation
C. Perez Albares &
S. Pena de Perez
Make you participants of the forthcoming marriage of their daughter
Marta Engracia
to Mr.
Alonso S. Perales
They have the honor of inviting you and your gracious family to the
Nuptial ceremony that will take place the 26th of the current month
At 7:30 p.m. in the Catholic Temple of this city
Rio Grande City, Texas
November 1922

CASE 1, 1st FLOOR, item 3

Alonso S. Perales
Friday, Washington, D.C.
9:30 p.m. May 19, 1922

My Unforgettable Martita:

Today 15 days ago I wrote you a letter telling you that I had resolved to continue studying some more time, but that I want to marry you as soon as possible.

I also asked you if you thought your father would consent for you to come to this city to marry me.

To this date I have not received your response.

Why do you punish me this way? Why are you taking so long to respond to a letter as important as that one? Why do you not write at least some lines telling me something in respect to our situation? Why are you so ungrateful with me, Love of Mine? Huh? Huh?

Does it not occur to you that I will be anxious to know what you think about our situation?

Imagine how I am here imagining thousands of things. I say:

Did she misinterpret my letter and feels offended by me?

Did her father feel offended?

Did the letter not arrive?

I don't know what to think.

Tomorrow is Saturday and if I do not receive a letter from you, you can imagine the splendid Sunday that I will have.

What I tell you in my letter does not mean that we will not get married given the case that your father will not want for you to come here and contract marriage with me. No, no…life of mine.

We will get married as soon as possible. That is, as soon as I can make the trip and arrange everything properly.

Many kisses.
Your Alonso
Yours Always

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