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CASE 10, 2nd FLOOR, item 1

Victor Alvarez
Bishop of Ayacucho, Peru
August 8, 1957

Mr. Alonso S. Perales
San Antonio, Texas

Very Dear Sir:

I have the pleasure of addressing you to cordially thank you for the gracious attentions you showed the priest of Ayacucho Diocese, Mr. Victor Acuna Cardenas, during his stay in your city.

Here we are preparing a Marian Diocese Conference, which we shall celebrate from the 13th to the 17th of next month; therefore the gifts which Father Acuna has acquired will be very useful for propaganda and to create ambience in this Episcopal headquarters.

The mimeograph shall arrive soon; we have already received the pertinent documents for which we are very grateful.

I know that the projector, the tape recorder and the speakers will come next.

It is fine to address everything to Colegio Salesiano, Avenida Brasiil 218, Lima. That way I am sure of obtaining them duty free.

[I wish] That the Most High pay your generosity one hundred fold, so disinterested and spontaneous, and may He encourage you to always continue doing good while the road of life exists, and at the end prepare for you a crown of glory in the celestial homeland!

With this motive I bless you and your entire family.

Yours in Christ
Victor Alvarez
Bishop of Ayacucho

CASE 10, 2nd FLOOR, item 2

Alonso S. Perales
April 23, 1957

Mister don Raul Cortez
Owner of Radio & Television Station KCOR
111 Martinez Street
San Antonio, Texas

Very Esteemed Compadre:

I would be very grateful if you allowed me some time to speak to our people, shall we say once a week regarding practical problems of everyday life. We could title the hour, "God in the Home." I already have the manuscripts prepared; almost all of them deal with conjugal relations. The program could be fifteen minutes in length, with a little appropriate music at the beginning and at the end. I tell you: this could take place on Sunday's at the hour you judge more convenient. Please tell me something about this particular matter.

Without further to say at the moment, I bid you farewell [from] your compadre who greatly esteems you.

Alonso S. Perales

CASE 10, 2nd FLOOR, item 3

For My Religion
By Attorney Alonso S. Perales

Home (Family) Problems which Demand Solutions II

In my previous article I referenced a family problem which presents itself with frequency and it is the problem in which children do not mind their parents; the boys leave home and return whenever they wish; the same with young daughters who already have boys courting them, when they want to go out with their boyfriend in a car, they will go out no matter what and there in no-one who can stop them.

When parents have lost the respect of their children, one can say they have in front of them a very serious and grave problem and it is difficult to remedy the situation. In the first place it is absolutely necessary for parents to set an example for their children by living an exemplary life, free of vices and completely healthy.

The father whom the son respects is the father who does not come home drunk and picking a fight with his wife and the rest of the family; who is not a party person and a womanizer; the father who knows how to meet his responsibilities as a husband and as a father; who dedicates his attentions and has affection for his family. And the mother whom children respect is the selfless mother who meets her responsibilities as a wife and mother; who maintains alive in the home the respect and love of her children and her and her husband.

An infallible thing in reference to the production of model parents and children is religion. The parents who are religious and insist that their children be also have a prosperous and happy home. When the parents are not religious, the children also are not religious, resulting in Satan, little by little, taking possession until he makes the home a hell. Hence, you have the husband with vices and irresponsible; hence, you have disobedient children.

The Christian Fraternity of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas, like other Catholic archdioceses of the country, are in charge of teaching catechism to millions of students in the public schools each year. These catechism classes are special for those students attending public schools, where no religion classes are taught, they do not have the opportunity to learn anything regarding God. It is very important that our young children and our teenagers at once learn the rudiments of our Catholic religion, and above all learn the Ten Commandments, where one finds that one that says: You shall honor your parents. The child or the teenager who knows the Ten Commandments and the basic principles of our religion is not a problem for anyone, he obeys and honors his parents, and he never finds himself mixed up in problems with police or judicial authorities and he becomes a good Christian, an excellent citizen and his parents' pride.

Therefore, let's get close to God and let's also get close to our children and we shall see how quickly peace, good fortune and happiness will reign in our homes.

San Antonio, Texas
December 6, 1951

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