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CASE 2, 1st FLOOR, item 1

Manuel S. Canyes
Head of the Legal Office
July 2, 1945

My dear friend:

With your friendly letter of the 22nd of last June I had the pleasure of receiving another package more of the material of the Conference of San Francisco. I am very grateful for all of these attentions; thanks to you we have received many brochures that in any other way would have never arrived to our hands.

I imagine that you were very occupied, especially in the absence of the Mister Ambassador. I would have really liked to continue collaborating with you all until the end of the Conference, but the man proposes and God disposes.

Through this mail it is very welcome to me to send you a copy of the Report in English of the General Director about the Norms adopted by the Conference of San Francisco in relation with the Agreements and Regional Organisms. I will send you a report in Spanish as soon as they come to light.

I hope that you and your wife have had a very happy trip coming back and that you are found again at home without any novelties.

Reiterating again my thanks for your kindness and sending you and your wife my most cordial greetings, I repeat your affection friend…

Mister Don Alonso S. Perales
Room 843
Stewart Hotel
San Francisco, California

CASE 2, 1st FLOOR, item 2

Alonso S. Perales
Suite 714 Gunter Bldg.
January 11, 1944

Mr. Don Ignacio E. Lozano,
Director of "La Prensa",
120 N. Santa Rosa Avenue,

My distinguished and fine friend:

In your edition of your prestigious daily LA PRENSA corresponding to the 14th of last month appeared an article signed by a man Juan Franco Argüello I., in which this one strongly attacked your Excellency Anastasio Somoza, President of Nicaragua. Said article appeared in the editorial page.

Today I had the pleasure to join an article signed by Mr. don Andres Largaespada, Director of the daily "Novedades", of Managua, who just traveled to the United States by invitation of the American Government, and is one of the most vibrant and known writers of Nicaragua.

Given the impartiality that has always characterized you in these situations, I do not doubt that you will have the goodness to publish the response of Mr. Laragaespada to the article to which I am referring to, and for that I advance my most expressive thanks.

Without any other particular, I stay, as always, of yours an affectionate friend and very attentive and sure servant.


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