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CASE 3, 1st FLOOR, item 1

J. Luis Saenz
707 South 16th St.
McAllen, Texas
November 20, 1951

Mr. Alonso S. Perales
San Antonio, Texas

Esteemed Alonso:

I hope you find yourself well amongst your people. As I remain, thanks to God.

Perhaps you are well aware of the commotion that the bulletin posted about the wet backs has caused, true? It is not the first nor shall it be the last insult that the derailed launch at us. While they are sure of our poor racial solidarity and of ideas, they shall be free to remark this way and by worse ways.

While some, who had never before worried about these matters, considering those of us who did, as being crazy, etc. Now they are enthusiastic and with loud voices ask for the unification of our race. Others remain with poor spirit; "I have never been rejected." "I eat ice cream at pharmacy counters." "Anyway do they have much truth in what they say." Finally, there are those cowards who have dogs who don't even bite the gringos, as they say in the pamphlet.

Listen, I was already going outside my issue: I have to write a thesis about "public relations" and how they are "public" or prostitute the relations, I want to include all the relations that come to my mind. Give me your opinion, what do you understand as, "public relations". Afterwards you can tell me something about "human relations", the relation of the good neighbor has already been explained to me. Afterwards add LULAC and GI relations.

I am translating ten volumes of Father Camacho of Guadalajara, entitled LA VIDA DE CRISTO NUESTRO REY. It is the only important thing I am doing; kicking every now and then, and going to college two nights per week.

Answer quickly, huh? Be happy and enjoy better health than when I last saw you.

Your incapable friend,
J. Luis Saenz

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