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CASE 5, 1st FLOOR, item 1

Jacinto Arrolloz
Rt. 1, Box 246
Edna, Texas
February 26, 1946

Attorney Perales, 114 Gunter Building
San Antonio, TX

Look my remembered sir,

Some parents of children that gave their services to U.S.A. are now found back in their homes and have tried to enter the cafes of this place and have been told that they will not give service to Mexicans that they do not care that they have served their government and now the parents and the children are upset. We the parents have not asked what was the point of having lost so many children in this war, if the ones that came back continue with the discrimination and from where is this coming from? From the same serpent that they went to kill in Europe because the ones that are still in EDNA governing are the German. And we wish that you as a good counselor please indicate a good road to defend these children from these German snakes who believe they are owners of the world and believe we are the lowest of the continent. We are anxious for your advice your humble servants, parents and children and with the same rights of parents and children.

Jacinto Arrolloz

CASE 5, 1st FLOOR, item 2

Jacinto Arrolloz
March 5th 1944
Edna, TX

Attorney Perales I found out in an announcement in La Prensa that you would like for us to give notice of places where service is denied to Mexicans. Mr. Perales you do not know the pleasure it gave us when we found out of this announcement, I believe that you know that in this place of EDNA Texas Jackson, we the Mexicans are humiliated to the point that they have placed soldiers in 6 places and everyone says that they will not serve any Mexicans here. In the matter of the schools, all of the Mexican children are separated. It was not possible for me to obtain the names of the owners of these places, only the signs of the cafes as follows:

EDS Café
6 places all the same

Attentively your Sincere Servant
Jacinto Arrolloz
Rt. No 1 Box 181
Edna, Texas

CASE 5, 1st FLOOR, item 3

Victor V. Avina
October 22, 1944

Mr. Ramon V. Perez

My very esteemed brother, it will be my pleasure when you have received this in your hands and you find yourself enjoying complete health in union with all of the family, these are always the wishes of your brother for all of you, I am left in good hope.

"Thanks to my Eternal God."

Ramón this is for you to find out of a case that happened to me in this camp. Did you know that there is a captain here that does not like Mexicans and this same captain is the commander of this company. One day I went to the barber shop to get a haircut and something odd happened to me. When I entered the barber shop he was sitting in a chair with the cloth around his neck which I did not know him and did not know that he was the official, well I got to said barber shop and I directed myself to him and said to him, "How are you Joe," "How has it been going Joe" without knowing that this individual was a major, well then he called a guard and told him to lock me in jail. That night I slept in jail. The following morning came papers so that they would let me free which I then went to my tent. Later on he sent for me this captain that does not want Mexicans and he asked me some questions, he immediately told me [you are Mexican] and I answered yes sir, I am Mexican I cannot deny it and nor will I ever deny it then he asked me [that if I had been on the other side fighting] and I told him yes sir in Italy and he told me with these words [why the fuck did they not kill you over there] and I answered, because maybe it was my luck, then he told me [why had I talked to the major that is an official the way that I talked to him in the barber shop] then I told him that I did not know him because I have not been in this camp a long time.

Well what this captain wanted was to make my life harder, he wants to make a big deal so that they will get me in trouble, then he told me [to go to my tent] I left immediately. Like fifteen or twenty minutes later he sent a sergeant of the M.P. with an arrest paper and they locked me up then, they have yet to judge me and I do not know how long this captain that does not like Mexicans will give me. Ramón please do not tell mother anything. After they judge me I will tell mother what is happening to me. Without more to say I tell you now, give my finest memories to the whole family and to the children kisses from their uncle Victor and you receive the strongest hug from your brother.

Your brother
Victor V. Avina
respond quickly

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