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CASE 7, 1st FLOOR, item 1

By Attorney Alonso S. Perales
(President of the One Hundred Citizens Committee and of the League of Loyal Americans.)

As is well known the Texas Legislature has refused for a third time to create a law that prohibits the humiliation of Mexicans. The truth is that said anti-discrimination law project lacked the enthusiastic and dedicated support of the majority of the Anglo American people of Texas and in particular the Anglo American press and the Anglo American Chambers of Commerce of Texas. The Chambers of Commerce did not do anything in favor of said law project and the Anglo American press except in rare cases, adamantly opposed the creation of an anti-discrimination law. Besides it is well known that the governor of Texas and his Good Neighbor Commission opposed the Texas Legislature [to] create a law that prohibits the humiliation of Mexicans in Texas.

The discrimination against the Mexican nationals who live in Texas will end the day the government of Mexico decides to take the necessary measures with that purpose. The attitude of the United States government has been that this is a matter that is incumbent upon each state of the American Union to fix individually and that the government of the center cannot obligate the Anglo American people of Texas [to] respect the Mexicans who live here. Very well, being this way, the government of Mexico is at liberty to deal with the government of the people of Texas.

With respect to the discrimination of American Citizens of Mexican origin, they have no other recourse but to pay the electoral tax, or the Poll Tax and prepare to elect as our public officials democratic and just men.

At the United Nations Conference recently held in San Francisco it was agreed upon to take measures aimed at ending discrimination in the whole world, but several months will pass before such measures take effect. But even so in this case, the effectiveness and success of the world wide charter depends on the good faith of the governments of the fifty nations which wrote it. If said governments take or do not take the measures which they committed to take to end discrimination will depend upon the people who elect them. This is why I repeat, that we the American citizens of Texas should prepare ourselves as soon as possible and remain always ready to elect as our public officials men who do not hold racial prejudices against our own kind and who commit themselves to treat Mexicans with the respect and consideration they deserve.

San Antonio, Texas
July 27, 1945

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