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CASE 9, 2nd FLOOR, item 1

Perales Circus Has Arrived from San Antonio, Texas –
Shows in McAllen, Pharr, Mercedes, Harlingen, Edinburg and Mission

The goat circus presents for the entertainment of the public the clown Perales, who comes from San Antonio promoting a political campaign in favor of the $425,000.00 goat (fattened in the valley) and telling our people to vote against the town people's candidate, Judge Yarborough, because Yarborough wants to represent Latin-Americans and veterans.

This little clown has always insisted on serving as an instrument so that the Latin-Americans and the veterans don't receive representation in Texas. Thirty days ago he came speaking against a Mexican-Texan to take from him a public post and now he comes speaking against representation for the Mexican-Texans.

If you want to entertain yourselves, take your children to the circus this evening and you shall see the clown claw his hands, twist his head, twist his mouth, and act like a puppet to the rhythm of 30 coins. After the meeting, tell him that you shall vote for YARBOROUGH, because he is the town people's candidate.

There will be popcorn, candy, balloons and free soft drinks at the circus tonight.

The Committee


CASE 9, 2nd FLOOR, item 2

Catechism of Hidalgo County

Who is Yarborough?

Ralph Yarborough is an honest judge, capable & educated and the candidate for state governor who is most appropriate for our people.

Why is Judge Yarborough most appropriate as state governor?

Because he served in the war on our side, he understands our problems and he sympathizes with us. Because he proposes calling upon Latinos to help him in his government.

Who is Shivers?

A millionaire from Mission, three-time candidate for governor.

Why is Shivers not appropriate for us?

Because he has demonstrated in his five annuities as governor that he does not like Latin-Americans; he is partial to segregation; he favors cheap illegal labor and does not accept Latinos in his government.

What program does Yarborough have?

He favors participation by all, including citizens of Latin origin, in his government; better schools, help for the elderly, for the veterans and for the sick. Better control of insurance companies and a reduction in telephone service taxes. Construction of dams & roads.

What program does Shivers have?

Lower taxes for millionaires and raised taxes for the poor. Centralize the government under his personal command. Conserve ancient bad practices of segregation and keep Republicans in power.

Who supports Yarborough?

Yarborough is supported by the people; all informed & civic people; the working class, the professional class, the veterans and all the racial groups.

Who supports Shivers?

Other millionaires and their henchmen, the ones who vote for their own convenience.

What reputation does Yarborough have?

Although during this electoral campaign there have been numerous insults & charges aimed at him, his honor, loyalty, capacity and integrity have remained untouched.

What reputation does Shivers have?

Repeated times he has faced charges of dirty dealings by his coyotes like Vancronkhite; bad administration, etc., charges which he has not fully explained.

What can we hope for from Yarborough?

An honest government, united to the interests of the people.

What can we hope for from Shivers?


Who shall win the election?

Judge Ralph Yarborough

Why will Yarborough win?

Because the people are interested in voting their conscience.


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