Konx om Pax:  Essays in Light

The Henry C. Owen, Jr. Collection of Occult Sciences

A collection of books about the occult was a serendipitous find in the library's accumulation of gift books.  The rarity of many of these titles, the gift of Henry C. Owen, Jr., was noted and the collection found a new home in Special Collections.  Among approximately 200 titles are the following:

  • The Egyptian Heaven and Hell (1906)
  • Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic  and East Indian Occultism…  (1915)
  • Konx om Pax: Essays in Light (1907)
  • The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece (1908)
  • Raymond, or Life and Death… (1916)
  • The Star in the West: A Critical Essay upon the Works of Aleister Crowley (1908)



Konx om Pax: Essays in Light

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