Discovery Day Camp 2011

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What is web-scale discovery and why does it matter?

Find out at Discovery Day Camp! This event will introduce the fundamentals of next-generation discovery and provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss the unique teaching, technology, and support aspects of discovery tools in a roundtable format. Discovery Day Camp is intended for libraries that have a discovery platform in place or want to learn more about them. Attendees are encouraged to bring their experiences and questions to share. No prior experience with web-scale discovery tools is required.

When is the Discovery Day Camp?

When:   Friday, June 10, 2011
              8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Where:  University of Houston
              M.D. Anderson Library

If you have questions about the event, please contact either:

  • Anne Mitchell, Head of Cataloging & Electronic Resources,, 713-743-9685
  • Rachel Vacek, Head of Web Services,, 713-743-5820

Web-Scale Discovery Topics

These are just some of the potential topics that will be addressed throughout the Day Camp.

  • instruction
  • marketing
  • training staff
  • usage data/analytics/patterns
  • data integration
  • maintenance
  • use of API/mashups
  • mobile
  • customization
  • unique collections
  • user experience
  • metadata optimization
  • transaction logs
  • comparison w/google scholar
  • usability
  • implementation
  • audience (student/faculty, novice/advanced)
  • branding
  • website integration
  • faceted navigation
  • gathering user feedback
  • staff support