Frell Albright Memorial Endowment

Frell Albright was a major contributor to the University of Houston Libraries for more than twenty years. He donated his money, time, and talents to the Libraries. Mr. Albright was a gifted artist who served for many years as the graphic advisor for the Friends of the University of Houston Libraries. He took a special interest in the Department of Special Collections, and made numerous valuable donations over two decades. In 1983 Mr. Albright donated his Stephen F. Austin Collection to the M.D. Anderson Library. He was honored, also in 1983, by the University of Houston Alumni Organization with the President's Service Award, the highest honor to be bestowed on a non-alumnus.

An endowment was created by Mr. Albright's family and friends to benefit the Department of Special Collections after his death. Funded in 1987, The Frell Albright Memorial Endowment is dedicated to buying rare books and artifacts relating to Texas history, especially in the areas of topography, art and art history. The endowment also funds the purchase of early German printing and Texana materials from the era before Texas achieved statehood.

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