Howard Barnstone Memorial Endowment

Howard Barnstone was a nationally acclaimed architect, author, and teacher. He is best known for designing the Rothko Chapel in Houston. He also wrote The Galveston That Was and The Architecture of John F. Staub: Houston and the South. He was one of a very select few admitted to the American Institute of Architecture on three counts: design, literature, and teaching.

At the university, Mr. Barnstone served on the Architecture faculty for nearly forty years, where he specialized in urban design. When he passed away in 1987, his family asked that friends pay their respects by making donations, in lieu of flowers, to support the Architecture collection at the University of Houston Libraries. These monetary gifts were consolidated into the Howard Barnstone Memorial Endowment. The funds from this endowment are used to purchase many architecture books that otherwise would be unavailable to the William R. Jenkins Architecture and Art Library.

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