Acorn Endowment Luncheon

Acorn Endowment & The 1927 Society Appreciation Luncheon

Acorn Endowment Luncheon

Acorn Endowment & The 1927 Society Appreciation Luncheon

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Acorn Endowment

The challenge that exists for today's libraries is the acquisition of the latest resources and technology to support cutting edge research and learning at our Tier One University. By establishing an ACORN Account with an initial gift of $1,000 payable during the first year, you are making a permanent investment in the future of our students. All contributions to the Library ACORN Endowment generate interest income and assist in meeting the greatest needs of the library. Once your ACORN Account reaches $10,000 it is considered fully funded and can be removed from the ACORN Endowment to become a stand-alone endowment- named by you!- and ready to provide the Library with interest income for whatever purpose you select.

Each year, or as funds become available, gifts can be added to your own ACORN Account within The ACORN Endowment until the minimum funding level. Anyone can contribute to your ACORN Account at any time and for any reason: birthdays, holidays, special occasions, tributes, retirement or memorials. You can take as little or as long as you need to reach full funding on your ACORN Account – there is no time limit. Due to the generous donation of an anonymous donor, your ACORN will continue to support the Libraries as it grows since it will be combined with other ACORN accounts, it will continue to provide a distributable interest income each year that supports the Libraries. During the funding period of your account, all distributable interest income will support the library's greatest need.

Acorn Member Privileges

  • Members-only reception and ceremony with the dean
  • Opportunity to enjoy a one-on-one meeting with the Dean of Libraries, followed by a personal campus tour
  • Highest priority invitations to University of Houston, Special Collections and Library events
  • E-newsletter providing latest updates and information at the Library
  • Recognition at Library events, in publications and online
  • Satisfaction in knowing your support is continuing to grow and support a Tier One Library!