Birth of an Idea

Birth of an Idea

UH Memories: The G. I. Experience

UH Memories: The G. I. Experience; Returning to UH from WWII

Digital Excellence

The Digital Library is an essential and innovative program of the University of Houston Libraries. Digitization greatly enhances the number of people that can view unique and wonderful collections. Our diverse users include faculty and grad students, community users, local historians, commercial users and all levels of educators. They can access these collections from their office, their home, or their school with the touch of a mouse. Libraries across the globe are focusing on digitization to increase visibility to original collections and scholarly research. Today, the Digital Library provides materials to users from 64 countries across the globe!

The goal is to showcase digital collections of materials documenting the history of the University of Houston, City of Houston, and State of Texas, as well as other historically and culturally significant materials related to the University's teaching and research mission. Support of the Digital Library provides us with the funds necessary to process and digitize our collections, purchase essential equipment and materials, develop new programs and offer student internships.

A few of our collections include:

For more information on the Digital Library, and to view other collections, visit our homepage