Students in the Learning Commons

Students in the Learning Commons

Student in a Study Carrel

Student in a Study Carrel

Ways To Give

Library Excellence

Library Excellence is the overarching fund supporting student success, cutting edge technologies, new programs and services for the entire UH community.

Acorn Endowment

By establishing an ACORN Account with an initial gift of $1000, payable during the first year, you are making a permanent investment in the future of our students.

Special Collections

The Special Collections Department contains a vast array of important and influential materials that truly enrich our student's education and further enhance their research.

Digital Excellence

The UH Digital Library is an essential and innovative program of the UH Libraries. Digitization greatly enhances the number of people that can view unique and wonderful collections.

Memorials & Tributes

A gift of $100 or more is used to purchase one or more books in the subject of your choice as a memorial or a tribute to an individual or to commemorate a special occasion.

Library Endowment

Creating a library book endowment is a lasting way of showing your support for the University of Houston Libraries. Endowments are created with a donation of $10,000.

Planned Giving

By joing the University of Houston's 1927 Society and including the University of Houston Libraries in your financial plans, you are leaving a lasting mark on the campus.