Outstanding Student Employee: Jaleesa Frank

The John P. McGovern Award For Library Staff Excellence


Belle Griggs Johnson Endowed Book Fund

Library Endowment

Creating a library endowment is a lasting way of showing your support for the University of Houston Libraries. Endowments are created with a donation of $10,000, which can be pledged over 5 years. Once the endowment is complete, it is invested and will begin to earn valuable interest in perpetuity. The Library then uses a percentage of the accrued interest to provide much needed resources, technology and programs for our students, while the remaining interest is reinvested into the principle of the endowment to ensure continuous growth. After the endowment is created, it can be named in honor of you or a loved one, and the funds can be directed to the area of your choice.

Recognition of your endowment will be mounted on a plaque as you enter the M.D. Anderson Library and noted here. Yearly reports and updates will be provided to you on the success of your endowment and all of the ways it is supporting our students!

Endowments can be created for many reasons:

  • Memorial endowments, which stand as perpetual testaments to the memory of a loved one
  • Honorary endowments, which can be created to support your particular area(s) of interest in the library. This gift will ensure a continual enhancement to the Library
  • Personalized endowments, which may also honor a family member or a friend
  • Program support endowments that can be used to help grow specific areas such as Special Collections, UH Digital Libraries or our branch libraries