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Are you interested in learning more about Digital Libraries—one of the fastest growing fields in Library and Information Science?  Looking for hands on experience that will help you build a career in the field?  

The University of Houston Libraries' Digital Services department accepts applications each fall, spring and summer semester for students seeking internship positions.  The UH Digital Library Internship program in the office consists of three components—digitization, metadata and project management—each of which entails full training and hands on experience.  The remote internship experience pairs interns with innovative semester-long projects that benefit the UH Digital Library and often result in publications in peer reviewed journals.  All of our interns work on exciting projects with historical and educational impact and are valued members of the Digital Services team.  Interns are encouraged to participate in library-wide educational and networking opportunities and leave the program with valuable experience working in an academic library environment.  We even have opportunities for interns who are interested in working remotely!  We are a fun and supportive team and we welcome new ideas from our interns!

More Information

Internship experience

Each semester we offer unpaid internship positions for students in the Houston area and around the world.  There are two internship experiences to choose from:  positions working in the office and positions working remotely.  

Interns who are selected to work in the office rotate through three units—digitization, metadata and project management.  During each unit, the intern is given complete training and hands-on experience.  The digital reformatting unit focuses on digital reformatting of visual, audio and multimedia materials.  During the metadata unit, interns have the opportunity to learn the Dublin Core metadata schema and apply descriptive metadata to digital materials.  Finally, the project management unit consists of several projects that examine resource use and project planning.  The rotation system allows interns in the office to participate in each step of the full lifecycle of a digital library project.

Interns who are selected to work remotely have the opportunity of working on a variety of projects that provide a snapshot of digital library initiatives .  The experience begins with a Skype meeting with Digital Services staff to conduct departmental orientation and discuss project assignments.  After this initial meeting, interns work independently or in collaborative groups to complete their assigned project.  Interns working remotely are encouraged to request an optional site visit where they can shadow one or more members of our team and participate in the daily life of an academic library.  Remote interns are an important part of our Digital Services team and have taken leadership roles on pilot projects that have contributed significantly to the success of the department.  Projects and availability vary by semester.  

When our interns work

Interns working in the office have the option of working Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Hours are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, but we are committed to accomodating all schedules.

Interns who work remotely are welcome to work at their convenience provided they satisfy the hourly requirements of their practicum experience, if applicable.   

Where our interns work

Interns working in the office work at the M.D. Anderson Library on the main campus of the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. Click here for information about parking on the UH campus

Remote interns are welcome to work wherever convenient.   

Earn credit for your SLIS program 

If you are currently enrolled as a Masters or Ph.D. student in an ALA accredited Library or Information Science program, you can earn credit for your participation in the UH Libraries' Digital Services Internship Program!  If you are enrolled in one of the following schools, we have worked with students from your program to award credit at your institution.   

If you are currently enrolled in one of the institutions above, simply indicate in your cover letter that you would like to receive credit for your participation in the program.  

If you are currently enrolled in another institution, you could be the first from your school to receive credit!  If you are interested in the remote internship experience for credit, simply contact your advisor to ask whether your program accepts credit for remote experiences.  If you are interested in the office internship experience for credit, simply contact your advisor to verify that this program could be used for credit at your school.  Once you receive confirmation, please include this information in your cover letter.

If you are a currently enrolled student it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all rules and regulations of your program.   

* TWU SLIS Practicum students may earn credit for LS5843 by completing the required 120 hours on site workikng in the office.  Although the opportunity to participate in this remote internship does not qualify as a TWU SLIS Practicum, this is an excellent volunteer experience for students and alums

How we select interns

We select interns based on their interest in online digital collections.  Experience using imaging software and creating metadata is a plus, but we can train anyone with a willingness to learn!  We encourage applications from all fields and degrees.

Due to liability issues, we can only accept undergraduate or graduate students who are officially enrolled in accredited programs for positions in the office.  We also accept remote interns, though the number of positions available each semester varies and priority is given those working toward careers in libraries, archives or museums.   

Apply for a position

To be considered for Digital Services Internship position, please complete the online application form.  Please note that the online application form will only be available during the recruitment dates listed below.  The online application form will ask a few basic questions and will provide instructions on how to submit your cover letter and CV.  The UH Digital Library Internship Program is offered each fall, spring and summer semester.

Applications for internship positions will be accepted:

Fall Semester -- June 1-15
Spring Semester -- October 1-15
Summer Semester -- March 1-15


Feel free to contact Michele Reilly with any questions about the internship program by email or at 713.743.8995.   



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