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From the Dean

The University of Houston is poised at the precipice of great change. The Tier One referendum has been passed by the voters of Texas. The University of Houston has been confirmed as a leader among the Texas Emerging Research Universities and has established its strategic plan to achieve the goal of Tier One designation.

This document positions the Libraries to respond to the new and complex challenges that lie ahead. It is an ambitious and bold blueprint which positions the Libraries as a foundational element of the drive to establish and maintain the high level of excellence which defines a Tier One university.

University libraries are at the strategic center of the mission of a university. They are there to support knowledge creation and inception, they provide access to and dissemination of that knowledge for learning, and they are the guardians of past knowledge for the enlightenment of future generations.

The University of Houston Libraries Strategic Directions Plan for 2010-2013 reaffirms the commitment of the University of Houston librarians and staff to advancing the Tier One goals of the University.

I look forward to the “exciting organizational conversation” initiated by the outstanding work of the 2010 Strategic Directions Steering Committee and to the creative and entrepreneurial initiatives that will be developed by our librarians and staff not only to achieve, but exceed, expectations over the next three years.

About the Strategic Directions Committee

The charge to the Steering Committee is as follows:

  • Develop a plan for the Library Strategic Directions for a three-year period, September, 2010 through August, 2013.
  • The Plan should build on the current Library Strategic Directions, be aspirational and position the Libraries to achieve the mandatory resources, services, and operations reflective of a Tier One university research library.
  • It should reflect the University’s top priorities, commonly referred to as “The Rocks,” and position the Libraries as a contributor to these priorities.
  • Significant and widespread engagement of librarians and staff should be fundamental to the recommendations developed.
  • The Steering Committee should produce a plan for wide distribution to the University community and beyond.
  • Completion of the report is expected by August 31, 2010.

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