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Do you have a story about why you love libraries or how libraries have changed your life? We're gathering library stories to use in our newsletters, on our website, and learn more about what you value in libraries.

  • What’s your most memorable experience at the library?
  • How have librarians helped you?
  • How has a library made you a lifetime learner?

Submit a brief statement, story or anecdote about the University of Houston Libraries - or libraries in general. Your experience will encourage others, young and old, to support the Libraries.

Pete's Story:

My Parents were firm believers in continuous learning, early and often. They read to me and then taught me to read before I started school. I remember clearly the first time my Mother took me to the Corpus Christi Public Library, I had no idea there were that many books in the whole wide world. That day we checked out the maximum number of books allowed, and I took them home, handling them reverently. I was heart broken to finally have to return them, but mollified to learn I could check out a new batch.

Arriving at the UH campus the decade that followed, the M. D. Anderson Library was a natural home. Like any home I went there to recharge and prepare. I returned over and over again to that old place, old but always new. In the 1990s, almost 20 years after my undergraduate work, I returned to UH as a graduate/law student. I came back to the old place I had loved as an undergraduate and added the Law Library to my haunts.

More recently I built a library in my home. There is something special about being surrounded by books. That something special to which my Parents introduced me remains with me still.

Pete L. Gonzalez (’74, ’94, ’94)
– C. T. Bauer College of Business and Law School, UH 1927 Society Member, UH Libraries Donor

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