Houston Borrowing Program

Borrowing Materials from Houston Research Libraries

Faculty and advanced students can directly borrow books and other library materials from the collections of three research libraries in Houston: Rice University Fondren Library, Houston Academy of Medicine – Texas Medical Center Library, and University of Houston Libraries.

Your Eligibility

To be eligible to check out materials, you must:

  • Be in good standing at your home library. This program is a privilege for those who have proven that they can use library services in a responsible manner.
  • Present valid picture identification.
  • Be a member of the faculty or an advanced student (graduate student, medical student, residents or fellows). This classification is determined by the institution you are affiliated with and may be listed on your institutional picture ID badge.
  • GRADUATE students must be enrolled in dissertation or thesis hours. You will need to provide a copy of your schedule showing enrolled thesis/dissertation hours.

Your Responsibility

  • Return materials to the library from which they were borrowed on time to avoid any late charges. Your home library may also return the items to the lending library for you, but you will be responsible for any late charges accrued.
  • Be responsible for any charges for late, damaged, or lost materials.

Lending policies are made by the individual libraries. Because of this, lending policies may vary from library to library, so be sure to check the lending policies for the library you wish to use.

How to Participate

  1. Present your Institutional ID card at the Circulation Desk of the participating library to activate your checkout privileges. You will be also required to show a photo ID. Graduates will also be required to show proof of enrollment in dissertation/thesis hours.
  2. Check out the books or other materials. It is your responsibility to take care of your borrowed materials and return them on time.
  3. Return materials on time and in good condition
  4. Access to electronic resources offsite is not available.


Contact the Service Desk (713-743-9710) for more information.