Filming/Photography in the Libraries

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Forms and Waivers

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Other Waivers You May Need

It is the Libraries' policy that individuals cannot be photographed without their permission. Permission to film or take photographs in the Libraries does not override individual rights.

Filming or Photographs by Individuals or Groups

Individuals or groups filming or taking photographs in any of the UH Libraries need to have prior permission from Library Administration. Permission to film or photograph should be submitted not less than 2 business days prior to the activity. You can get this permission by filling out the UH Libraries Filming & Photography Application Form and getting a signature from Library Administration (Room 220, M.D. Anderson Library, 713-743-9795).


If the intended activity is an event, or combination of locations and subjects, or will take more than a few minutes, you must submit the request at least 4-5 business days prior to the activity. Special permission is required from the Associate Dean of Libraries for this type of filming or photography. The UH Libraries Filming & Photography Application Form is required for this activity.

Individuals or Groups not Affiliated with the University of Houston

Individuals or groups not affiliated with the University of Houston must also have been cleared by University Relations (125 E. Cullen, 713-743-0945). If such permission has been granted, notification will be given to library staff in the affected areas. Depending upon timing of the request, this notification may be by email, phone, or personal escort.