Use of Adaptive Technology Computers

The University of Houston Libraries provides computer terminals with various adaptive technologies (AT) for users who encounter physical barriers when using the other computers in the ARC. Examples of such technologies include specialized software for the visually impaired, a special mouse for those with limited hand mobility, and adjustable height work surfaces to adapt to different heights of wheelchairs.

Since these are highly specialized workstations, use is limited to those with a disability that requires one or more of the adaptive technologies. Users with other disabilities may use the other ARC computers or the public workstations.

The AT computers are CougarNet-enabled so current students, faculty, and staff who need the adaptive technologies may log in at any time using their CougarNet accounts. If someone needs assistance in doing so staff at the Information desk are available to help them. Non-University affiliates, including alumni, community users, and faculty, staff, and students from other the UH campuses, who require adaptive technologies may be logged in on a guest account by asking at the Information Desk.

Non-University affiliates who wish to use the academic resources of the UH Libraries but do not need adaptive technologies will be directed to use the public workstations, which provide access to both research materials, productivity software (Microsoft Office) and Internet access.