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For UH Students, Faculty and Staff

Each semester (including summer), UH students will receive a print credit on their CougarCard. This credit will allow you to print up to 500 single-sided B/W pages or 250 double-sided (duplex) B/W pages per semester.

You can also use your printing credit to print in color and to make photocopies.

After the print credit has been used, additional printing is $0.015/pg ($0.03/pg duplex) for black and white or $0.10/pg ($0.20/pg duplex) for color, debited from your CougarCard Flex Account. You can add value to your CougarCard Flex Account online via

For Visitors

Visitors to the UH Libraries should speak with library staff regarding printing. We recommend bringing a USB flash drive with you to save documents and articles for printing at home as printing services for visitors are limited.

Printing From Your Laptop

By installing a small software package, UH students, faculty and staff can now print from their personal laptops within the library.

PC: Instructions | Download

Mac: Instructions | Download

Print jobs can be released from any of the Black and White Printers on the first floor in the Academic Research Center.

How To Print:

  1. Use the Print Preview command to preview your document before printing.
  2. Go to File > Print to send your document to the printer.
  3. Choose Black and White Printer or Color Printer.
  4. Go to the nearest appropriate Print Release Station and enter your CougarNet user name.
  5. Swipe your CougarCard when prompted.
  6. Your pending print jobs will appear. Select the document that you want to print.
  7. Your document will print. Please remain at the printer until your print job is complete.
If you notice problems with your print job, pause the printing (press the pink Stop button on the printer) and notify Information Desk staff immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the $7.50 credit on my CougarCard for other things?
Sorry, the printing credit can only be used for printing within the UH Libraries.

If I don’t use all of my credit during the semester, can I carry the balance forward?
Sorry, no remaining printing credit is rolled over to the next semester. At the beginning of each semester the credit will be reset to $7.50.

What is a CougarCard Flex account?
For more information on Flex accounts, visit:

What if the printer jams or is running out of toner when I print?
Library staff will be able to reprint your job for you, without any additional decrease in your printing allowance. Use the Print Preview command to be sure you are printing with desired settings as reprints or refunds will not be given on the basis of user error (i.e., wrong page range selected, wrong frame selected from browser, etc.). If you are not sure of the proper print settings, just ask!

Is color printing available?
YES! You can use your printing credit to print in color. Your account will be debited $0.10/pg for single-sided, $0.20/pg for duplex. To print in color, choose the color printer queue (after you press or click Print, use the drop-down menu at the top of the print dialog box to select the color printer, then follow the steps above (3-7) as you would for a black-and-white print).

Printing Tips

  1. Use the Print Preview command to preview your document before printing.
  2. Print only what you need. If you just need a chapter from a textbook, print only that chapter.
  3. The default print setting is for single-sided pages; to save paper, select the duplex (double-sided) printing option.
  4. If you notice problems with your print job, pause the printing and notify Information Desk staff immediately. To pause printing, press the pink Stop button on the printer.
  5. For PDFs of scanned images, you may try the “Print as Image” option in the Advanced Print settings.
  6. When printing a PDF article from a database, be sure to use the print icon in the Acrobat toolbar. Do NOT use your internet browser’s File>>Print option.
  7. Print WebCT documents using the provided WebCT toolbar.
  8. Save PDFs and other documents to your USB flash drive to read or print later.
  9. Need help with printing? Ask at the Information Desk!