A university ID is required for entry between 9:00pm and 7:00am during extended hours

Equipment for Checkout

Right Block

Equipment available in MD Anderson Library

All equipment requires an active Cougar Card to borrow.


Windows 10 laptops are available for 12-hour or 1-week checkouts.

Laptops come loaded with Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel and multiple web browsers.

Cameras and recorders

  • DSLR cameras, fixed or interchangeable lens
  • Video cameras
  • Audio recorders
  • Microphones
  • Tripods
  • GoPros

Cameras, recorders, and tripods are available for 3-day checkouts and have $9/day overdue fines. GoPros have variable lending periods with a max of two weeks.

Makerspace Kits

Arduino Uno Starter Kit
Arduino is an open-source electronics platform and suitable for users with no experience in electronics. The kit includes the Arduino board and supplies/accessories to complete beginner-to-intermediate level projects.

BeagleBone Black Starter Kit
The BeagleBone Black is an open-hardware, open-software computer that runs Android, Ubuntu and other Linux "flavors."

Raspberry Pi Starter Kit
Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer for electronics and programming projects. The kit includes the Raspberry Pi computer and supplies/accessories to complete beginner-to-intermediate level projects.

TI LaunchPad Kits
The TI LaunchPad kit is a general-purpose microcontroller for electronics and programming projects. Each kit includes the board and supplies for intermediate-to-advanced level projects.

TI LaunchaPad Models Available:

  • MSP430-F5529
  • CC3200
  • MSP432-P401R
  • CC2650
  • Tiva-C Series (TM4C123G)

Makerspace kits are available for 1 week checkout and have $9/day overdue fines.

A/V equipment

Headphones and USB headsets are available for 12 hour checkouts and have $9/day overdue fines.

Projector units and projector screens are available for 3 day checkouts each and have $9/day overdue fines.

Other A/V equipment:

  • CD/DVD writers (4 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • Cassette players ($3 days, $9/day overdue fines)


Graphing and scientific calculators are available for 8-hour checkouts. Calculators have $3/hour overdue fines.

In-library use only

These must stay inside library security gates at all times.

  • Region-free DVD players (3 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • Wacom tablets (4 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • TV+VCR units (2 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)

Questions? Need more info?

Contact us or visit the Service Desk to learn more about available equipment.

Note: Account owners are ultimately responsible for borrowed equipment. Replacement fees are charged for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. There are no renewals on borrowed equipment.

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