A university ID is required for entry between 9:00pm and 7:00am during extended hours

Authorized Borrowers Program for Faculty and Staff

UH faculty and staff may designate individuals age 16 and up as “authorized borrowers” on their UH Libraries’ account. Authorized borrowers receive their own individual library card (linked to the UH faculty/staff member’s account) to check out materials from UH Libraries.

Set up an authorized borrowers account

Authorized borrowers can visit the Service Desk in MD Anderson Library to establish an account. You will need to complete a short information form and provide documentation, such as a letter or email, authorizing use of the account from the faculty or staff member. Authorized borrowers may need to present a photo ID when checking out materials.

Responsibility for lost or damaged items stays with the primary UH faculty/staff member. The program does not include remote access to electronic resources.

Have a question?

For questions, contact:

Lee Andrew Hilyer
Head of Information & Access Services