Instructions for Placing Materials on Reserve

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  1. In conjunction with the initial request for materials to be put on reserve, the instructor is required to sign and submit the Instructor Reserve Agreement.  Reserves will not be processed for the instructor if a signed copy of the agreement is not on file with the University of Houston Libraries Reserves Department.
  2. The instructor must complete a Reserve Request Form in its entirety. Please list full and accurate information in order to avoid delays. Requests submitted without a full citation may be returned to the instructor without being processed.
  3. Submit both the Instructor Reserve Agreement form and the Reserve Request Form to the University of Houston Libraries Reserves Department via the Libraries Web site or to the branch where the item is to be located.
    • Course reserve materials at the University of Houston Libraries are processed on a "first come, first served" basis.
    • The Reserves Department has three peak times during every semester which include the first 3 weeks, mid-terms, and finals. Processing of requests may take up to 3 weeks during these times.
    • During off-peak times, instructors should plan on at least 3-5 days from the date requests are received before items will be available.
    • Material submitted at the last minute may not be available when desired.
  4. It is suggested that instructors make sure materials are on reserve before making assignments.
    • To confirm availability, go to Docutek ERes and search course pages by course name, course number instructor's name or department.
  5. The Libraries will provide access to reserve materials for the duration of the semester. When using the same reserve material(s) for subsequent semesters, it will be necessary for instructors to re-submit requests.

For help or additional information please contact UH Libraries Reserves at (713) 743-9730, or email