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Plunkett Research

To use the Plunkett Research, Ltd. database, you, the user must agree to specific terms and conditions set forth by the publisher.

  1. You must be faculty, staff or a student of the University of Houston
  2. The data you export will NOT
    • Be re-sold
    • Posted to an internet based file for use by someone not affiliated with the University of Houston
    • Commercially published
    • Distributed outside the University of Houston
  3. Broad use or resale of the information contained within Plunkett’s database is not permitted
  4. Data which MAY BE EXPORTED consists of:
    • Up to 500 words of text for use in any one document
    • Company names, addresses, telephone numbers and executives with job titles
    • Up to four (4) tables or charts for use in any one document
  5. Data that is available through the Build-a-Report feature, built into the Plunkett site, must be in a font size no less than 9 points and is to contain the caption “Copyright © Plunkett Research, Ltd., plunkettresearch.com, all other rights reserved.”
  6. No export, copying, or use permissions is granted for any data that is marked with the copyright of any other owner other than Plunkett Research, Ltd., or that is marked with any restriction such as “copying prohibited.”
  7. These terms and conditions apply to all of Plunkett's EBooks.

Access Plunkett Research

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