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Reserves Policy

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The reserves collection is course-related materials and high use items that support the University's academic programs. Materials are put on reserve by UH professors and instructors for non-commercial, educational use by students.

Reserves may not be used to create, replace or substitute anthologies, compilations, or collective works. Faculty wanting to create readings/course packs should work with the University Bookstore. The Libraries will not place course packs on reserve.

Materials for reserve are those purchased or licensed by the Libraries. Materials not owned by the Libraries can be rush ordered, but timely acquisition cannot be guaranteed.

Please provide original or first generation copies when submitting hard copies of materials for reserve, with minimal black margins or center stripe. Originals must be 8 ½ x 11 inches or smaller with no holes or staples.

The Libraries does not charge for reserve use.

Materials that may be placed on reserve

UH Libraries does not provide print copies of journal articles, selected readings, quizzes, tests, or any other materials that Reserves finds reasonable for electronic formatting.


  • Books owned by the Libraries may be put on reserve at faculty request
  • Personal copies of books may be placed on reserve. The Libraries are not responsible for items that are lost, damaged or stolen
  • Two chapters or 20% of a book may be made available electronically as long as only one chapter or 10% of an item is available at any one time (this includes textbooks)
  • Books borrowed from another library or via interlibrary loan cannot be placed on reserve

Videos and sound recordings

  • Only original and purchased copies of videos and sound recordings may be placed on reserve. Home VHS tapes or burned DVDs are not accepted
  • Videos and sound recordings produced by faculty during or for UH instruction may be reproduced with permission and placed on reserve
  • Videos and sound recordings produced by students as a result of an assignment will not be placed on reserve or duplicated without permission from the student

CDs and computer disks

  • CDs and computer disks are not preferred for reserve but may be submitted if the content is compliant with the UH Libraries Copyright Policy
  • Faculty should verify that documents on a CD or computer disk are accessible on computers in the Libraries

Journal articles

  • Journal articles from either print or electronic resources may be placed on reserve
  • Personal print copies of journal articles are accepted
  • The Reserves department will not request articles through the Interlibrary Loan department

Homework and course notes

  • Homework from students must have written permission from the student author to be posted
  • Class notes must have a title and handwritten notes must be accompanied by copyright permission from the author
  • Pictures and graphs must have full citation and copyright permission to be posted electronically
  • Consumable tests will not be made available electronically (e.g., workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets, etc.)

Additional items

  • Three dimensional items, slides, photographs and equipment may be placed on reserve
  • Some items may be rejected if their maintenance causes an unreasonable amount of additional work for Libraries staff
  • The Assistant Head of Information and Access Services or branch manager will make the final decision concerning the item(s) in question