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UH Libraries Strategic Plan 2017-2021

"As the University of Houston grows and aspires to new heights . . . so does the UH Libraries."

- Lisa A. German
Dean, UH Libraries

Dean's Message

Picture two students sitting at a table in the library. A couple of books lay open, along with a laptop and a tablet. A smart board stands nearby. They’re collaborating on a project. They’re creating new knowledge. Maybe they’ve learned something that creates that “a-ha” moment. Perhaps they’ve discovered a new discipline that they want to pursue, or have a greater understanding of what their professor was trying to teach them.

Libraries transform lives.

The University of Houston Libraries is embarking on an exciting strategic plan that befits a library for this age and for this time. As the University of Houston grows and aspires to new heights, always keeping student success at the forefront of its mission, so does the UH Libraries. Each of the goals of our strategic plan furthers research productivity and student success. Every great university deserves a great library. It is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

We hope that you will collaborate with us and lend us support as we commence an ambitious journey. It will take all of us pulling together to achieve these important goals. We are moving onward, forward, and upward together, and together, we will achieve.

Lisa A. German
Dean, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair